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Knowing how to respond when an exceptionally difficult situation presents itself can be a challenge. Many times, such situations are stressful and emotionally overwhelming. That stress and anxiety can make it hard to know how to proceed. The best place to start is by securing the representation of an attorney who you know has the skill and experience to help you find your way through.

But it takes more than legal skill and experience — you should choose an attorney who is truly committed to helping you. That is, someone who is available to answer your questions and address your concerns as they come up and who works to make sure that you understand the process and how the choices you make will affect the eventual outcome.

Resolving Difficult Situations Since 1998

At Marcelle & Associates PLC, Attorneys at Law, we offer our clients the skill, experience and commitment that they need to be able to resolve the most difficult situations, from criminal charges to personal injury cases and family law situations. We offer our clients representation in state and federal courts.

Attorney Earl A. Marcelle III has been serving his clients' needs since 1998. He knows how to create defenses that work for his clients while he helps them understand the practical aspects of their cases — what impact their decisions will have on their cases as well as how the outcome of their cases will affect their lives.

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